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2010 Hearing Information

Regional Water Infrastructure and Jobs: The Inland Impire

Thursday, MAY 20, 2010

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Regional Responses To Climate Change: The Australian Experience

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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2009 Hearing Information

2009 Water Bond/Policy Legislation: What Now?

April 1, 2010


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Orange County Hearing

August 21, 2009

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Hearing Materials
“Smart Irrigation Systems”
Robert Wade, Director of Legislation, California Landscape Contractors Association

“Progressive Approach to Tiered Rates and Water Report Cards”
Paul Jones, General Manager, Irvine Ranch Water District

“How to Sell Conservation”
Larry D. Dick, Board Member, Municipal Water District of Orange County

“The Groundwater ReplenishmentSystem Works”
Michael Markus, General Manager, Orange County Water District

“Diversifying Orange County Water Supply Through Seawater Desalination”
Scott Maloni, Vice President, Poseidon Resources

“Emerging Desalination Technologies: Natural Pressure Reverse Osmosis”
Michael Motherway, President, DXV Water Technologies

“Near and Long-Term Options for California Water Sustainability”
Jeff Kightlinger, General Manager, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

“So Cal’s “New Blue” Water Solution”
Steve Sheldon, President, Orange County Water District

“Building Water Consciousness in the Business Community”
Lucy Dunn, President, Orange County Business Council

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